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As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am honored to support my fellow queer folk. Sexuality and gender have long existed on a spectrum and the way they are culturally approached often influences the ways we experience our identities. Who and how we love is something beautiful, and worth exploring. How we choose to show up outwardly is to be celebrated and honored. I often take clients through early experiences that shaped their understanding of sex and gender, including the lenses of cultural, geographical, racial, sexist, patriarchal influences. By helping you connect to your values with the new awareness, you learn to integrate gender and sexuality as a vital, wonderful and important realm of your wellness and thriving!


If you've made it through the last few years in this world without being affected by symptoms of anxiety or depression, you might be superhuman. While feelings of sadness or occasional nerves are normal experiences, prolonged or intense periods of these symptoms can be exhausting and a sign of deeper needs. You might be isolating from your loved ones, avoiding connection. Leaving home may feel like a monumental task. Our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all connected to these experiences. Depression and anxiety are also influenced by past experiences and biology. We look at these connections together and through exploring them, identify your values and what thoughts, feelings and behaviors may move you closer to living an aligned life. While I cannot prescribe medication, I am happy to discuss whether you feel medication is a good choice for you and to offer referrals. I also support holistic methods for managing low to moderate depression.



Sometimes horrible things happen. If this applies to you, I first want you to hear this: It was never your fault. The symptoms we experience following a trauma can make daily life feel like a mine field. This is because our bodies have built in systems that are trying to protect us, only, they can't tell if the danger is real or just looks real. I work to build a trusting relationship with you first, getting to know you and learning about your current ways of taking care of yourself. Once you feel safe, I will walk with you, at your pace, through your experiences. I will help you to learn the signs of dysregulation in your body as well as teach you tools to  help yourself reset. We will work to integrate your experiences into new narratives that empower you to live as the full, wonderful being you are.


Grief is a larger player in our lives than we often recognize. With every new beginning, there is an end to something, and grief follows. The loss of a loved one, loss of a drug of choice, grief over a relationship or even a sense of self can leave us feeling aimless and lost. Honoring what we had, who we are and what can be allows us to move into a new way of being with a lighter heart. I can support you through the work of feeling and releasing the waves of grief as they come, and go.



Substance abuse is one of the most prevalent threats in our world today. Everywhere we look, there is a drug or a drink, culturally sanctioned, as a way to celebrate or commiserate. Unfortunately, substances have a way of destroying the lives of millions of people every year. Through the use of Motivational Interviewing, we will collaborate to build awareness of your experiences, to identify the changes you would like to make, and to implement those changes so you can live clean, sober and authentically you. I ask that any client seeking support for substance use be open to recommendations for higher levels of care, if deemed necessary after assessment with Rise Up Counseling.


Often times, when we've had life experiences like trauma, bouts of depression, loss of a loved one or addiction, we become less aware of the dynamics of our relationships and end up in a pattern of behaviors that both help and hurt us. I approach this work through the lens of personal values, helping you define what is important for you to establish in yourself and your life. Then together, we meander through your relationships to explore your boundaries, or lack thereof, and identify patterns of behavior and thinking that fuel them. Together, we identify potential ways to shift these patterns and then get to work practicing new, healthier ways of relating.

Foggy Waters
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Rise Up Counseling LLC is a fully Telehealth based practice; all sessions will be held through a HIPAA compliant video platform. 


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