As women, we live with our own unique challenges and considerations in a world which seeks to define and dictate our place and space. At Rise Up Counseling, we believe in unlimited freedom to redefine what being a woman means to you. We will look at your current concern through several lenses, including social justice, cultural and societal influences, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, and collaborate in discovering how these impact your story.



Substance abuse is one of the most prevalent threats in our world today. Everywhere we look, there is a drug or a drink, culturally sanctioned, as a way to celebrate or commiserate. Unfortunately, substances have a way of destroying the lives of millions of people every year. Through the use of Motivational Interviewing, we will collaborate to build awareness of your experiences, to identify the changes you would like to make, and to implement those changes so you can live clean, sober and authentically you.


Sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression are some of the incredible ways that being human shows up. It's not always easy, however, to be who we are when the dominant culture attempts to write all of the rules about who and what is acceptable. Together, we would explore what your identity is, what it means to you to be fully yourself and identify your unique needs, desires and contributions to a world hungry for people who are authentically themselves.



Grief is a larger player in our lives than we often recognize. With every new beginning, there is an end to something, and grief follows. The loss of a loved one, loss of a drug of choice, grief over a relationship or even a sense of self can leave us feeling aimless and lost. Honoring what we had, who we are and what can be allows us to move into a new way of being with a lighter heart. I can support you through the work of feeling and releasing the waves of grief as they come, and go.


In a fast paced world with high expectations of productivity and avoidance of emotions at all costs, it is nearly impossible to avoid a sense of anxiety. Depression may hold us down, keeping us from feeling anything, doing anything or wanting anything. Having both at the same time is like rushing to an event we don't even want to attend. To address these, we look at sources of the distress we can identify, consider how we think about this distress, and select coping skills and activities that bring relief.



All sessions will be held online throughout the pandemic.
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